Faculty, staff honored for contributions to students

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The UNL Teaching Council and UNL Parents Association honored faculty and staff at an annual recognition ceremony on Feb. 3.

Certificates of recognition for contributions to students were given during the ceremony. This was the first year 20-year awards were presented. Faculty receiving the 20-year honor are Ronald Hanson, professor of agricultural economics, and Donald Lee, professor of agronomy and horticulture.

The awards provide positive feedback to campus faculty and staff about the work they do with students.

The Parents Association solicits nominations through an annual mailing, asking parents to nominate a faculty or staff employee who has made a significant difference in their student’s life. All who were nominated by at least one parent and/or student and who are still with the university received a certificate.

The 2011-2012 recipients are listed below.

Numbers in parentheses indicate the years a recipient has received the award. If no number is listed, the award is a first-time honor.

For more information, contact Student Affairs at 472-3755.

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Agricultural Economics — Ronald Hanson (20); Rosalee Swartz (14)
Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication — Heath Harding
Agronomy and Horticulture — Donald Lee (20); Steve Rodie (3); Kim Todd (8)
Animal Science — Chris Calkins (4); Steven Jones (5); Lisa Karr-Lilienthal; Merlyn Nielsen (6); Bryan Reiling (7)
Biochemistry — Melanie Simpson
Biological Systems Engineering — Dean Eisenhauer (6); David Jones (8); Jack L. Schinstock (16); Jeremy Steele
Dean’s Office — Sue Voss (10)
Entomology — David Carter (3); Tiffany Heng-Moss (8)
PGA Golf Management — Alan Baquet
School of Natural Resources — Rebecca Buller (2); Dennis Ferraro (3); Patricia Freeman (2); Qingfeng “Gene” Guan; Sue Ellen Pegg (2); Lisa Pennisi; David Wishart (6)
School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences — David Steffen (3)

College of Architecture
Architecture — Brian Kelly; Sarah Thomas Karle (2)

College of Arts and Sciences
Advising — Erin Sayer (4)
Anthropology — Wayne Babchuk (4)
Biological Sciences — Deborah Brown; Scott Gardner (8); Ramesh Laungani; Connor Mahoney; T. Jack Morris (3); Wendy O’Connor (4); Stacey Smith
Chemistry — Manashi Chatterjee; Jason Kautz (5); Neil Lawrence; Hui Li; Eric Malina (5)
Classics and Religious Studies — Stephen Lahey (5); Gordon Watley (3); Thomas Winter (8)
Communication Studies — Darrel Farmer ; Jordan Soliz (3); Tiffany Wang
Computer Science and Engineering — Chris Bourke; Jodi Holt
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences — Matthew Van Den Broeke
English — Joy Castro (2); Frances Condon; Bernice Olivas; Michael Page (2); Kelly Stage
History — Donna Akers; Thomas Berg (6); Amy Burnett; Vanessa Gorman (5); James Le Sueur (4); Scott Stempson (4)
Mathematics — Mikil Foss (3); Allan Peterson (8); William Rogge (4)
Modern Languages and Literature — Luiza Adamyan; Aaron Chambers; Yoanna Greenwood (2); Sheri Hurlbut (8); Catherine Johnson; Lola Lorenzo (7); Jose Moreno; Mila Saskova-Pierce (9); Oscar Sendón Blanco; Frederique Sevet-Collier
Physics and Astronomy — Herman Batelaan (4); Timothy Gay (7)
Political Science — Michael Wagner; Sergio Wals; Tyler White
Psychology — Rosemary Esseks (2); Celeste Spier (3); Scott Stoltenberg
Sociology — Dan Hoyt (2)

College of Business Administration
Accountancy — Arthur Allen; Debra Cosgrove (5)
Advising — Jeff Burdic (4); D’vee Buss (7); Betsy Klemme (3)
Center for Entrepreneurship — Deb Payne
Economics — Sam Allgood (3); Carlos Asarta (4); Elizabeth Hefel
Finance — Jeff Johnson (2); Warren Luckner (8)
Management —Richard Kimbrough; Samuel Nelson (2)

College of Education and Human Sciences
Child, Youth, and Family Studies — Rochelle Dalla
Dean’s Office — Debra Mullen (8)
Educational Administration —Jody Isernhagen
Educational Studies — Rita Hermann
Nutrition and Health Sciences — Candace Kohnke; Joyce McMeen (2); Jeffrey Rudy (4); Linda Young (14)
Special Education and Communication Disorders — Cynthia Cress (4); Charles Healey (6); Tiffany Hogan (2); John Maag (7); Robert Reid (4)
Student Services Center — James Cotter (7); Vicki Fisher (8); Susan Goodrich (6)
Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education — Stephanie Baer; Bill Latta (2); William Lopez (6); Stephen Swidler (3); Sarah Thomas
Textiles, Clothing and Design —Barbara Trout (5)

College of Engineering
Construction Management — Bruce Fischer (4)
Electrical Engineering — Michael Hoffman
Mechanical and Materials Engineering — M. Susan Hallbeck (5); Jung Yul Lim; Mehrdad Negahban (5); Wieslaw Szydlowski (5)

Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts
Art and Art History — Angeles Cossio; Dana Fritz (3); Elizabeth Ingraham (2)
Music — Karen Becker (4); Alisa Belflower (7); Jamie Reimer; Janet Sievert; Darryl White (3); Julie Yoon (2)
Theatre and Film — Richard Endacott (2); Steve Kolbe (2)

College of Journalism and Mass Communications
Advertising — Michael Goff (13); Stacy James (14); Phyllis Larsen (6)
Broadcasting — Richard Alloway (19); Trina Creighton (5)
News-Editorial — Joe Starita (3); Bruce Thorson (3); Christopher S. Winter (6)

Other campus units
Association of Campus Religious Workers — Ben Holdren
Admissions — Cle Mangram; Patrick McBride (8); Adam Stahr
Association of Students of the University of Nebraska — Marlene Beyke (5)
Athletic Department — Alvin Banks (3); Katherine Jewell (10); Billy Maxwell (2); Michael Nieman (2); Bo Pelini; Cathy Robertson
Campus Recreation — Denise Taylor
Criminology and Criminal Justice — Chris Eskridge (15); Russell Smith
Dean of Students — Matthew Hecker (3)
General Studies — Jennifer Nelson (7)
Honors Program — Patrice Berger (14); Laura Damuth (3); Ann Koopmann (9)
Naval Science — Christopher Stone
Nebraska Alumni Association — Sarah Haskell
Registration and Records — Deborah Quinn (3)
Scholarships and Financial Aid — Anna Plank (5)
Services for Students with Disabilities — Barbara Woodhead
Student Accounts — Lila Luft
Student Involvement — Karen Wills
TRIO Programs — Michael Zafft (3)
University Housing — Brandon Nelson; Toby Toland (3); Ronald White
W.H. Thompson Learning Community — Kelli King

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