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The following faculty have earned tenure or promotion during the 2008-09 academic year. They will be honored during a May 5 reception at the June and Paul Schorr Center for Computer Science and Engineering.

Tenure only
• Adonna Fleming, Libraries

Promotion to associate professor and tenure
• Marco Abel, English
• Richard Alloway, Journalism
• Peter Angeletti, Biological Sciences
• Christian Binek, Physics and Astronomy
• Kenneth Bloom, Physics and Astronomy
• Kathleen Butler, Music
• Song Ci, Computer and Electronics Engineering
• Aaron Dominguez, Physics and Astronomy
• Donna Dudney, Finance
• Anne Duncan, Classics and Religious Studies
• Mikil Foss, Mathematics
• Thomas Gannon, English/Ethnic Studies
• Paul Haar, Music
• Edmund Hamann, Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education
• Reina Hayaki, Philosophy
• Erick Jones, Industrial and Management Systems Engineering
• Patrick Jones, History/Ethnic Studies
• Jody Kellas, Communication Studies
• Richard Moberly, Law
• Stefanie Pearlman, Law
• Robert Powers, Chemistry
• Stephen Ramsay, English
• Cornelis Uiterwaal, Physics

Promotion to Full Professor
• Zoya Avromova, Biological Sciences
• John Bender, Journalism and Mass Communications
• Charles Bernholz, Libraries
• Richard DeFusco, Finance
• Bruce Dvorak, Civil Engineering
• Kathleen Farrell, Finance
• John Geppert, Finance
• Margaret Jacobs, History
• Ann Mari May, Economics
• Guillermo Orti, Biological Sciences
• Jody Redepenning, Chemistry
• Clinton Rowe, Geosciences
• Ashok Samal, Computer Science and Engineering
• Paul Shoemaker, Accountancy
• Tyler White, Music
• Shunpu Zhang, Statistics

Promotion to Full Professor of Practice
• Mary Anne Holmes, Geosciences

Promotion to Associate Professor of Practice
• M. Colleen Jones, Management

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