From the Archives — Nebraska Hall

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This is a regular Scarlet feature exploring the history of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Information and image courtesy of the University Archives. For more information, contact Troy Fedderson at or 402-472-8515. Purchased for its potential rather than beauty, Nebraska Hall has been a versatile structure for the both the university and Lincoln community. Nebraska […]

From the Archives – Katy Gerben

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University of Nebraska professor A.L. Haecker poses with legendary dairy cow Katy Gerben. In 1913, Katy Gerben broke the world record, producing 18,573.4 pounds of milk, which contained 727.85 pounds of butterfat. In her 20 years of production, Katy Gerben produced 166,456 pounds of milk and gave birth to 14 calves (nine bulls, five heifers). […]

From the Archives – Benjamin A. Botkin

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Benjamin A. Botkin received his doctorate from the University of Nebraska in 1931 and went on to become an American folklore scholar. Botkin was born in 1901 in Boston, Mass. At age 15 he began classes at Harvard and graduated magna cum laude at 19. He continued his education at Columbia where he earned a […]

From the Archives | Student Life

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A group of University of Nebraska students listen to records in the Nebraska Union in this photo dated in the 1950s. “From the Archives” is a regular Scarlet column. Photos and historical information provided by the University Archives. Suggest topics to Troy Fedderson at or 472-8515.

From the Archives | Theodore “Ted” P. Jorgensen

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Theodore “Ted” P. Jorgensen was a University of Nebraska physics graduate and professor who worked on the Manhattan Project for three years and seven months. He also studied golf for 30 years before writing “The Physics of Golf.” Jorgensen earned a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from NU in 1928, then a masters in […]

From the Archives | Ivy Day

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Ivy Day celebrations at the University of Nebraska grew from the annual Senior Class Day, which started in 1889, and included ceremonies at the university chapel. The original purpose of Ivy Day was to celebrate spring and recognize the scholastic achievements of campus scholars. In 1901, the senior class decided to beautify the campus by […]

From the Archives | Nebraska Union Celebration

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University of Nebraska students take part in a birthday party street dance on the south side of the Nebraska Union on May 2, 1958. The dance celebrated the 20th year of the Nebraska Union. “From the Archives” is a regular Scarlet column. Photos and historical information provided by the University Archives. Suggest topics to Troy […]

From the Archives | Corn Crib

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This undated photo from the University Archives features a pair of Coke dates (known as “Coking”) in the Corn Crib in the Nebraska Union. The Corn Crib – known today as the Crib, located south of Runza and used as a study/lounge space – featured a Coca Cola stand in the 1950s and was a […]

From the Archives | C.H. Oldfather and Oldfather Hall

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Charles Henry Oldfather, a professor of ancient history, served in the University of Nebraska College of Arts and Sciences from 1926 to his retirement in 1951. He became chair of the history department in 1929. He was Arts and Sciences dean from 1932 to 1951. He died at age 67 on Aug. 20, 1954, in […]

From the Archives | Dairy Building

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The Dairy Building was the first educational building erected on the farm campus. Begun in 1896, probably as a frame structure, this building was completed in brick and approved by the Board of Regents in December, 1897. Originally this building was used by the Dairy School and contained modern automated dairying equipment. The Dairy Building […]