NU Foundation announces record $166.5M in funds raised

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The University of Nebraska Foundation announced Oct. 23 that it raised $166.5 million in the 2007-08 fiscal year. The total (which includes gifts, bequests and life insuance proceeds) is the most ever raised in a single year by the NU Foundation.

During the same period, the NU Foundation transferred $130.1 million to the University of Nebraska’s four campuses – the largest amount ever provided.

The funding provided to the campuses included a 24 percent increase for student aid and a 46 percent increase for academic programs from the previous fiscal year.

“We’re extremely appreciative of the donors from across the state and the country who care very much about the success of the university system,” said Clarence L. Castner, president of the University of Nebraska Foundation. “The fundraising accomplishments this year are a reflection of their excitement for what their giving can do and for the quality of the projects the university is pursuing.”

The market value of the foundation’s assets for the fiscal year totaled $1.605 billion, up $14.8 million from the previous year. The endowment managed by the foundation totaled $1.22 billion. The total return on the endowment declined 1.5 percent for the year, outperforming its market benchmarks.

The benefits transferred to the university system include more than $64.8 million directed to campus and building improvements, $35.6 million to academic programs, and almost $19.2 million to benefit students through scholarships and other financial aid. Almost $4.5 million was directed to faculty assistance, and almost $3.8 million was directed to university research programs.

Before this year, the foundation’s best fundraising year was in 2005-2006 with $127.2 million raised and the second best year was 1996-1997 with $127.1 million raised.

Examples of how private support helped UNL programs include:

• 4,101 UNL students received 6,599 scholarships.

• The $21 million Ken Morrison Life Sciences Research Center, which opened in August, was funded in part by private gifts.

• Other projects include the Hubbard Rhino Barn at Ashfall Fossil Beds, and the Donald and Lorena Meier Commons and Plaza north of the Nebraska Union.

— Story by NU Foundation

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