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Nutrigenomics initiative aims for ‘personalized nutrition’

Oct 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Issue, October 1, 2009, Research

Imagine a physician or dietitian handing you a set of individualized nutritional guidelines based on your unique genetic makeup – one that could help you ward off such diseases as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. That’s the ultimate goal of the Nebraska Gateway for Nutrigenomics, a new research initiative at UNL. It aims to use genome-based […]

Initiative aims to unlock gastrointestinal tract mysteries

Jan 15th, 2009 | By | Category: Issue, January 15, 2009, Research

The secrets to better human health may lie in the gut, and UNL expects to be on the leading edge of this emerging research. UNL’s Gut Function Initiative has taken shape in the last year, with a team of about 12 scientists from across the university and some key new technology put in place. The […]