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   from the issue of April 22, 2004

  Professor will present information on bioterrorism at Science 101 event

Meagher to address Congress

Michael Meagher, UNL professor of chemical engineering and director of UNL’s Biological Process Development Facility, will present April 26 to members of Congress and their staffs during a Science Coalition, Science 101 event titled “Detecting and Combating Bioterrorism.”


Meagher will talk about the science and process of developing countermeasures such as vaccines and therapeutics against biological terror agents. Joining Meagher will be Harvey Rubin, associate professor of medicine and director of the Institute for Strategic Threat Analysis and Response at the University of Pennsylvania.

The presentation is an introduction to the basic science behind bioterrorism and will answer several questions including: How are scientists working to detect and reduce the catastrophic consequences of a large-scale biological or chemical threat? How do scientists develop effective countermeasures against potential agents of biological terrorism, and how do we decide when, where and to whom these countermeasures will be distributed? What are the most promising advances and greatest scientific challenges in the development and deployment of biological and chemical sensors?

The Science Coalition is an alliance of more than 400 organizations, institutions and individuals, including Nobel Laureates, businesses, voluntary health organizations, medical groups, healthcare providers, scientific societies, and public and private universities dedicated to sustaining the federal government’s historic commitment to U.S. leadership in basic science.

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Meagher to address Congress