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   from the issue of June 10, 2004

HR tests new plan for job notices

This notice was sent to vice chancellors, deans, directors and department heads from Chancellor Harvey Perlman on May 10.

As part of the continuing efforts to identify and promote efficient business practices while delivering effective service, and to respond to budget reductions, I have asked UNL’s Department of Human Resources to reorganize the recruiting process for UNL staff positions. We believe that this change has the potential for significant savings.

On a trial basis, approximately three months, we will discontinue individual job advertising in the Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World-Herald newspapers. Instead, we will utilize a display ad that asks job seekers to view the university’s employment Web site, where job ads are located. This initial trial period will begin July 1.

This change will not impact faculty and staff ads placed in other newspapers, such as The Kansas City Star, The Chronicle of Higher Education or other publications that target candidates from regional and national markets.

The purpose of the trial period will be to assess the quality and quantity of applicants under this new system, and we need your input as to the effectiveness of this new endeavor. In order to conduct an effective trial and create an accurate picture of any changes in the quantity/quality of applicants, I ask you not to place any individual help-wanted ads in the Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World-Herald. I have also asked Human Resources not to grant any exceptions for placing local newspaper ads so that we may truly assess this change.

We would also solicit your assistance by informing your employees of this change. Word of mouth regarding UNL’s current staff vacancies continues to provide the best method for attracting good applicants for UNL’s staff positions. By asking our own faculty and staff to direct others to the UNL employment Web page to view current job openings and to apply for positions online, we have an opportunity to continue to maintain adequate applicant pools for our positions. Please remind staff members that anyone without daily access to a computer can access the Web at any local public library.

Please communicate with the Department of Human Resources Employment Office, 472-2120, any feedback or questions you may have as this trial period begins.



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