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   from the issue of October 14, 2004

Opening a window not efficient at UNL

Opening windows can be a great way to conserve energy at home. Cooling your home by opening a window will leave less work for the air conditioner to do.

In large buildings like those at the university, however, opening windows is not usually the best option for keeping a room comfortable. Using the thermostat to control the air conditioning is actually more cost-effective in university buildings. UNL's air handlers automatically distribute fresh air throughout the building. Opening windows can sometimes even make the room less comfortable by raising the humidity.

Even so, we still haven't designed thermostats to bring in fresh breezes and chirping bird sounds, so feel free to open the windows if you just need a little breath of fresh air. Just remember to close the window when you leave.

Regularly, the Scarlet will feature energy-saving tips provided by Building Systems Maintenance and Facilities Management and Planning. The tips are shared in an effort to help you save money both at home and at the university.

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