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   from the issue of January 27, 2005

Strategic planning update from Vice Chancellors Couture and Owens

(The following email was sent to all faculty and staff on Jan. 20, from Senior Vice Chancellor Barbara Couture and Vice Chancellor for IANR John Owens.)

Happy New Year and welcome back as we begin our spring semester. As you will recall, in early December we held the first of two campus forums on the UNL academic strategic planning process. At that time, we promised that a progress report would follow and this is that report.

Those faculty, staff, and students who attended the open forum had many questions about the planning process as well as comments and suggestions for re-shaping the draft core values statements. You will find below some notes summarizing that session. More information about the strategic planning process will be posted soon on our UNL academic strategic planning website to be announced shortly.

Our academic departments and colleges have been working on unit planning throughout the fall semester and will continue to do so this winter. Department plans, for those units that are doing them, are due Jan. 31; college plans are due March 15. Planning procedures and templates, distributed last semester, will also be posted on our strategic planning website.

A number of concurrent activities are supplementing the planning process this year. This semester Institutional Research and Planning is conducting a space inventory and bringing in consultants to help assess physical space needs for research and teaching. These consultants will be available to deans as they complete the space and equipment planning templates for their strategic plans. An advisory committee is now reviewing 100 grant proposals submitted to support Excellence in Teaching and Learning; half a million in grant funds will be distributed this year to support new faculty and staff projects.

Our second strategic planning forum will be held on Feb. 10 on UNL's East Campus. We hope your schedule will permit you to join in that discussion.

Best wishes,

Barbara Couture and John Owens



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Strategic planning update from Vice Chancellors Couture and Owens