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   from the issue of July 20, 2006

Kruger to hang miniature paintings

The Kruger Gallery of miniature furnishings and decorative arts will host an exhibition of smaller artworks by Joseph Yetto Aug. 7 through Dec. 22.

"Paintings in Little: The Small Works of Joseph Yetto" features recent works by the artist and includes a brief history of miniature painting and its application in 1-to-12 scale interiors. Yetto, a native of Stillwater, N.Y., paints from life and works in a range of scales.

"The idea of juxtaposing different scales can determine the size of the work," he said. "If I am observing something of small scale, I generally prefer to greatly increase its scale in my work. There is the feeling of experiencing new worlds and yet they are of our own world. The small-scale works tend to be interior spaces, still life, portraits or landscapes."

Along with Yetto's contemporary paintings, a selection of miniature paintings collected by Eloise Kruger will be displayed.

"Ms. Kruger employed 18th- and 19th-century portrait miniatures in her 1-to-12 scale rooms, and collected original works produced specifically for miniaturists throughout the 20th century," said Amber Mohr, curator of the Kruger Gallery. "Her collection of two-dimensional artworks is a survey representation of the history of miniature painting."

For more information, go online to or call 472-3560.



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