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   from the issue of July 20, 2006

Parking Services update lot, permit designations


A decades-old, number-based parking system at UNL has undergone an alphabetical upgrade.



According to Dan Carpenter, director of Parking Services, color continues to be the primary means to identify where certain parking permits are allowed. However, to clear up confusion related to the old number system, he said letter designators would be used when new annual permits roll out in August.

"In our old system, the numbers did not mean anything, and there was no logic as to why 10 was a faculty/staff lot or 3 meant student/resident," Carpenter said. "By using letters, we are able to simplify our designations across both campus."

Faculty/staff non-reserved lots will continue to use the color red. However, the "10" will be replaced by the letter "A."

Faculty/staff reserved lots have absorbed the greatest change, switching from red to orange. Reserved permits will also drop the "17" identifier for an "F" with a number (1 to 15) that specifies the lot in which the permitted space is reserved.

Parking garage permits remain gold in color, but change from 14G and 17G to 14 and 17. The numbers identify the garage to be used in - 14 for the 14th and Avery streets garage and 17 for the 17th and R streets garage.

Perimeter permits will continue to be purple, with a "P."

Student commuter lots will use a "C" as the lot indicator. All non-reserved "20" lots are now C (color green), while reserved spaces are C1 or C2 (color light yellow).

Blue, non-reserved lots at residence halls will be identified as R, E or M.

Reserved spaces change to R1 at the Cather-Pound lot and R2 at the Abel-Sandoz lot.

A complete list of the parking lot and permit wupdates is available online at

For more information on the new parking permit/lot system, go to the Parking Services website or call 472-1800.



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