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   from the issue of September 14, 2006

Fall enrollment rises, freshmen up 8 percent


Reported enrollment at UNL increased 431 total students for the fall semester 2006 as of Aug. 31 - an increase of 2 percent over a year ago.

Freshmen numbers were up 289 students, for an 8.1 percent increase in first-time, full-time freshmen over last year.

Chancellor Harvey Perlman talked about the anticipated enrollment increases Sept. 7 in the annual State of the University address. The university's central administrative offices announced universitywide enrollment figures Sept. 7.

The head count of first-time freshman at UNL is 3,849, up from 3,560 last year and 3,266 in fall 2004. New undergraduate first-time transfers number 971 for fall 2006, an increase of 41 over 2005. Average ACT score for students is 24.9, even with last year.

Graduate student enrollment increased 2.6 percent, or 107 students, over last year.

"Dean Alan Cerveny has built a passionate and professional recruiting staff and I have witnessed a renewed commitment on the part of faculty and staff," Perlman said in his address. "It has paid off. This year's freshman enrollment is up a stunning 8.1 percent and overall enrollment is up 2 percent. Even with these increases, our average ACT score remained at the highest point in history."

The 2006-07 undergraduate student body is the most diverse yet, with 11.4 percent of undergraduates from minority populations, up from 10.8 percent last year. The entering full-time freshman student class is 12 percent diverse, compared with 11 percent of full-time freshmen in 2005-06.

"When we opened the fall semester, almost 9 percent of our undergraduate students were domestic students of color with a 17.8 percent increase in diversity among the freshman class," Perlman said.

Admissions efforts have focused on the campus-visit experience, targeting growing out-of-state suburban markets, continued recruitment of students from across Nebraska, and increasing transfer students. Additionally, student retention efforts campuswide have helped more students stay at UNL from year to year.

The fall semester registrations are reported annually to the provost of the University of Nebraska system, based on six-day census figures from the campus Institutional Research and Planning offices. For more details, see



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Fall enrollment rises, freshmen up 8 percent
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