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   from the issue of October 26, 2006

Combined Campaign fund drive begins Oct. 26


UNL embarks Oct. 26 on an annual effort to gather contributions for the Lincoln-area Combined Campaign for Health and Human Services. "Performing in Harmony" is this year's theme.

All university personnel will receive a Combined Campaign information packet, with letters and contribution materials. Jack Oliva, dean of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts, is chairman of the UNL effort.

Oliva and Chancellor Harvey Perlman encourage a continued spirit of giving based on past years' success.

"Last year also saw a record-breaking effort in your contributions to the Combined Campaign for Health and Human Services," Oliva and Perlman said in the letter to the UNL community. "Our pledges for 2006 set another record for the Combined Campaign by collecting over $333,000, during a time when our budget continued to be tight. As a result, UNL was the top contributor in the public sector and second among all employers. Congratulations and thank you for extending this tradition."

Oliva and Perlman called to mind the efforts made over the past year in reaching out to Hurricane Katrina victims in three trips to the Gulf Coast by students, faculty and staff. They also cited the spring Big Event as an important student-led community service and outreach effort.

"We don't believe this campus ever stands taller than when it reaches out to others," Perlman and Oliva said.

The organizations supported by the Combined Campaign are United Way, supporting 39 agencies; Community Health Charities, supporting 17 agencies; and the Community Services Fund, supporting 24 agencies. Employees may give to any specific agency or to the three general funds, and a variety of giving options exist.

"While the past few years have been ones of fiscal restraint for UNL, please keep in mind that demand for the services offered by the agencies included in the combined campaign continues unabated, at the very time that federal, state and local support for these agencies has not increased, or, in many cases declined," Perlman and Oliva said.



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