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   from the issue of March 13, 2008

'Taxi From the Dark Side' rolls into the Ross March 14

"Taxi from the Dark Side," an Academy Award-winning documentary about the Bush administration's use of torture when dealing with political prisoners, opens March 14 at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center.

The movie title is derived from the treatment of an Afghani taxi driver named Dilawar. He was mistakenly named a terrorist, then killed during a torture session conducted by American troops. Dilawar's case is only a small part of the documentary, as director Alex Gibney uses the death as a starting point in a search for people who have permitted such incidents to occur.

The film includes uncensored pictures from Abu-Ghraib prison and interviews with military personnel (some of whom tortured Dilawar). Gibney's search leads into the upper echelons of the military and into the Bush regime.

The film concludes by focusing on Dilawar, highlighting the futility of his death as commentators talk about how torture has never been an effective method for extracting information from people.

"Taxi From the Dark Side" (rated R) plays at the Ross through March 20.

For more information, including show times, go to or call 472-5353.

Also at the Ross

"Funny Games" (Rated R)

March 14-27

Naomi Watts and Tim Roth star as the unsuspecting couple whose vacation turns deadly when two strangers trap them and their young son in their home. The strangers play sadistic games with the family members' lives.

"Nanking" (Rated R)

March 21-27

A documentary about the systematic raping and killing of more than 200,000 Chinese by Japanese armed forces in Nanking, China in 1937.

"Nanking," by Bill Guttentag and Dan Sturman, combines archival footage, interviews with survivors (including Japanese veterans) and reenactments. One of the reenactments features Jurgen Prochnow as a Schindler-like member of the Nazi party reading from the diaries of real-life westerners who set up a safety zone in an attempt to shelter refugees from Nanking.



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