The Scarlet is published monthly by:

UNL Office of University Communications
321 Canfield Administration Bldg.
P.O. Box 880424
Lincoln NE 68588-0424
Telephone (402) 472-8515
FAX: (402) 472-7825
E-mail: tfedderson@unl.edu

For announcements, news briefs, and calendar items, call 472-8515, or send e-mail to tfedderson@unl.edu. The deadline is noon Thursday before each week of publication. Receipt does not guarantee publication. Editors reserve the right to edit for space, clarity, grammar and style. Address changes must be made within departmental offices on the personal data form.

Letters to the Editor Policy: The Scarlet will accept submitted letters to the editor from members of the UNL campus community in an effort to foster dialogue and discussion of campus news, events and issues. Policies:

  • As with all items submitted to the Scarlet, editors reserve the right to edit submitted letters for space, clarity, grammar and style.
  • Receipt of letters does not guarantee publication.
  • The Scarlet editor or assistant will contact the writer before publication to verify authorship.
  • Letters that misrepresent facts will not be published.
  • Letters that run in the Scarlet also will be posted to the Scarlet’s website.

To submit a letter, send to:

  • Editor, the Scarlet, 321 Canfield Administration, Lincoln, 68588-0424.
  • Fax to the editor at 472-7825.
  • E-mail to tfedderson@unl.edu.

Letters must include the author’s first and last name, a phone number and e-mail address. All submissions are due one week before the Scarlet’s publication date, if the writer wishes to have a letter considered for publication in a specific issue of the Scarlet.For information, call Troy Fedderson at 472-8515 or e-mail tfedderson@unl.edu.

Advertising in the Scarlet: The Scarlet accepts advertising from UNL and off-campus businesses and sources. If you have a product, business or service that you would like to advertise to this select demographic, the Scarlet is the ideal medium. Click here to download the Scarlet advertising policy and rate information.

Classified Advertising Policy: The Scarlet accepts classified advertising from current and retired UNL faculty and staff. The ads may be used to advertise personal items for sale, apartments to rent, etc., or to advertise an event or item of interest from a university department.


  • Ads are due at noon the Thursday before publication.
  • Ads for on-campus events may include an on-campus phone number. Ads for personal items or services, such as an item for sale, etc., MUST include a home phone number. Campus phone numbers will NOT be printed with these ads.
  • Rate: 30 words for $10.
  • All ads MUST be prepaid by cash or check made to UNL. Ads for UNL events or items may be paid through a cost center number. No refunds for canceled ads.
  • To place an ad, fill out the form available at 321 Canfield Administration Building. Or download one here.
  • For more information, call 472-8515.

Troy Fedderson, Editor
Advertising inquiries to the Editor until further notice.

Steve Smith, Director of News
Meg Lauerman, Director of University Communications