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   from the issue of August 30, 2007

Scarlet - Year in Review - 2006-2007

When we launched the Annual Year in Review publication four years ago, we did not realize how useful it would prove to be.


The exercise of looking through past editions of the Scarlet and news releases created by University Communications, IANR Communications and Information Technology, and by other communicators on campus allows us to celebrate our many successes, and also to learn from activities that are less visible. In addition to distributing the document campuswide, I’ve come to rely on it as a tool to communicate with our stakeholders and constituents statewide.

Nebraskans are proud of their university and they like seeing evidence of our commitment to teaching, research and outreach.

Last year’s publication was organized using our core values — those statements expressing ideas central to our daily activities here at UNL. It seemed like a good idea to organize the 2007 Year in Review in that same way; every activity undertaken at UNL should in some way illustrate or lift up one or more of our core values.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln values:
• Learning that prepares students for lifetime success and leadership;
• Excellence pursued without compromise;
• Achievement supported by a climate that celebrates each person’s success;
• Diversity of ideas and people;
• Engagement with academic, business, and civic communities throughout Nebraska and the world;
• Research and creative activity that inform teaching, foster discovery, and contribute to economic prosperity and our quality of life;
• Stewardship of the human, financial, and physical resources committed to our care.

We have developed a little memory device to help us remember these values; it is the word “Leaders,” which represents the first letter of each statement. Although it comes second in our mnemonic device, the statement “Excellence pursued without compromise” is our highest priority.

As you can imagine, literally hundreds of examples have bubbled to the surface. And unfortunately, space limitations do not allow us to list each one. We have tried to choose examples from all facets of the institution.

I continue to be proud to lead the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and to work with a community of individuals — colleagues — who strive to advance our missions of teaching and learning, research and creative activity, and outreach and public service. This dedication is the true meaning of “pursuit of excellence without compromise.”

Harvey Perlman

The entire Scarlet Year in Review issue in pdf format.



Scarlet - Year in Review - 2006-2007