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   from the issue of November 15, 2007

Campus votes bring ACE proposal into focus

Verbatem - John Janovy Jr., chair of the General Education Advisory Committee, issued this Nov. 12 e-mail as an update on the Achievement Centered Education proposals.

As a result of recent actions by the Faculty Senate, the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, and ASUN, this seems like an excellent time to pass along some information on the progress of the current general education revision efforts. I am pleased to report to you the following information on the current status of the Achievement-Centered Education proposals:

• Faculty in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications approved ACE on Oct. 26.

• The Faculty Senate endorsed the ACE proposals with a resolution of approval on Nov. 6.

• ASUN unanimously appro-ved a resolution of support for ACE on Nov. 7.

The students were most interested in the idea that course outcomes, what we want students to know upon completion of an ACE-certified course, will be explicitly stated. They also liked the relative clarity of ACE and the ability to transfer between colleges without losing general education credit.

The remaining seven undergraduate colleges are still in the process of reviewing and voting on the proposals:

• The Academic Program Committee in the College of Business Administration has recommended approval of the proposals. Results of the faculty vote should be known by Nov. 16.

• Education and Human Sciences results should be known by Nov. 16.

• On Nov. 2 the CASNR Curriculum Committee approved the ACE Proposals and is forwarding them to the Faculty of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources for a formal vote. Results should be known by Dec. 3.

• Architecture results should be known by Nov. 21.

• Engineering results should be known by Dec. 1.

• Hixson-Lied Fine and Performing Arts results should be known by Dec. 3.

• The Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee has endorsed the proposals and voted to forward them to the faculty. Arts and Sciences faculty members will consider the proposals and vote on them at a meeting on Dec. 13.

GEAC believes that with the help of the university community, we have developed a clear, streamlined, student-focused, and effective curricular structure that is responsive to the needs and goals of the university community. The plan clearly honors faculty oversight of curriculum and teaching practices, establishing a faculty-governed process for the ongoing maintenance and assessment of the program. ACE is both sustainable and dynamic, integrated with and reinforced by the majors, serves students within all of the undergraduate colleges, accommodates the full range of UNL undergraduate students, and allows students to more easily move from one college to another. The ACE proposals also allow for college-specific requirements of each of our eight undergraduate colleges.

Each of us should be proud of this effort. If you have not yet cast a ballot in your college-wide process, I encourage you to do so at the appropriate time. Each dean's office has distributed the documents, and they also can be found online at I encourage you to discuss the proposals with your colleagues and to feel free to contact me or other members of GEAC if you have questions. There is a list of frequently asked questions on the Web site; these questions are ones that arose during discussions with faculty and in the open forums over the past two years, and their answers are a result of GEAC consideration of the input.

On behalf of GEAC I would like to express our great appreciation for all the faculty, student, and staff input received during the past two years.



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