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   from the issue of January 15, 2004

Exhibition tells ‘all about drawing’

Curated by gallery director Joseph M. Ruffo, “All About Drawing” presents the work of 45 artists with the focus on a vast variety of drawing styles, artistic interpretations, use of materials and subject matter. The exhibition opens Jan. 20 and continues through Feb. 19 at the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery. An opening reception will be from 5-7 p.m. Jan. 20 in the gallery.

Linda Atkinson, Song Bird, one panel of a triptych in color pencil, is featured at the All About Drawing exhibition...
 Linda Atkinson, Song Bird, one panel of a triptych in color pencil, is featured at the All About Drawing exhibition opening Jan. 20 at the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery in Richards Hall.

“The goal of this exhibition is to present a comprehensive overview of the pursuit of drawing as a creative venture,” Ruffo said. “The exhibition emphasizes drawing investigations in a wide range of styles, ideas and media approaches. In some cases one might question where the issue of ‘drawing’ is present. We mean some of the work to be challenging. We hope our students will question, ponder and be inspired by seeing first hand what these artists have created and at the same time gain a great deal of knowledge about drawing possibilities.”

Local, national and international artists are represented with work that explores traditional and non-traditional approaches to the creative aspects of drawing. Figurative and non-figurative work is featured.

Among artists’ work in the exhibition are: Linda Atkinson, Joan Backes, Jack Balas, Sophie Benson, Steve Bigler, Sarah Bauman, Jim Bokelman, Fred Burton, Judith Burton, Jim Butler, Lisa Conner, Mary Ann Currier, Anita DeAngelis, Pamela DeLaura, Marcel Dzama, Harriet FeBland, Michael Ferris, Rosemarie Fiore, Cristina Gonzalez, Susan Hauptman, Myron Helfgott, Wes Hempel, Imi Hwangbo, Colin Keefe, Dale Leys, Robert Mahorney, Diane Marsh, Anne McCauley, Phyllis McGibbon, Amie McNeel, Jim Morris, Harry I. Naar, Steve Panella, Carrie Anne Parks, Carol Anne Patterson , Paula Patterson, Patti Roberts-Pizzuto, Cristi Rinklin, Nell Ruby, Amy Ruffo, Bob Schweger, Tanja Softic, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Sheldon Tapley, Rochelle Toner, Karl Umlauf and Larry Walker.

The Eisentrager-Howard Gallery is on the first floor of Richards Hall. The gallery is open from noon to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday. For more information, call 472-5025.



Exhibition tells ‘all about drawing’
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