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Study-abroad classes can enrich a student’s academic experience in countless ways. But they come with a price tag that’s often higher than many can afford. UNL officials so believe in the value of study-abroad classes that they are offering a 20 percent tuition discount on more than a dozen trips scheduled for 2009.

“Providing a quality undergraduate education is the university’s highest priority, and the study-abroad opportunity is one way to enhance that experience,” said Harvey Perlman, UNL chancellor. “We know the cost may be a barrier and we hope that the tuition discount makes overseas travel and study a little more affordable. The discount emphasizes our commitment to expanding our students’ access to study abroad.”

Of his own travels, the chancellor said, “you learn things in ways that cannot be acquired second-hand. For example, you don’t fully sense the economic competition we face from China until you have seen their economy in action.”

The modest tuition discount could save a resident undergraduate student about $110 for a three-credit course. Non-resident undergraduates and graduate students also would receive 20 percent tuition discounts.

Paul Savory, director of Summer Sessions for UNL, acknowledged the 20 percent discount is small in comparison to the room, board and airfare associated with trips, which typically cost between $2,000 and $3,500 depending on destination and trip length.

“But we do have control over tuition and not other parts of the trip,” he said. “This is one way for us to help more students realize study-abroad.”

Savory said the deposits for most trips are due the end of January, so the tuition discount may help students who are contemplating a trip.

“Last year, we had record numbers of students participate in summer study-abroad,” Savory said. “But we know that with the state of the economy, there may be a bit of a decline. We have capacity to handle more students and we would really like more students to have this opportunity.”

Like Perlman, Savory noted that study-abroad offers students unique opportunities to live and learn. Destinations scheduled for summer 2009 include Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Rwanda, Thailand, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Disciplines supporting trips include engineering; business administration; political science; textiles, clothing and design; agriculture; teaching; journalism; sociology; modern languages; art history; natural resources; and sociology.

UNL has offered selective tuition discounts on summer programs before. A graduate-level math and science program for teachers offered a 20 percent discount in summer 2008 and will continue through summer 2010. In 2007, selected 100 and 200 level courses offered $30 per credit hour discounts to encourage students to take the courses in the summer. That incentive was successful, Savory said.

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— Story by Kim Hachiya, University Communications

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