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   from the issue of February 3, 2005

Shapiro book signing Feb. 24

Gerald Shapiro, UNL professor of English, will discuss his new book of novellas and stories at a book signing at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 24 at Lee Booksellers, Edgewood Center, 5500 S. 56th St.

Titled Little Men, the book is published by Ohio State University Press. It is the winner of The Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction.

Shapiro is also the author of Bad Jews and Other Stories (University of Nebraska Press).

"The stories in Little Men are as rich as novels, as surprising as the best comedy, and as complex and satisfying as life itself," says Erin McGraw of Ohio State University. "Welcome to the skewed, hilarious, slightly frightening world of Gerald Shapiro. Here everything seems to begin well . . . but then, before the characters know it, action tilts and shifts and they find themselves in wild, inventive, outrageous situations from which only a brilliant writer can extract them."

Shapiro's work of fiction includes two novellas. The first, A Box of Ashes, concerns Ira Mittelman and his angst over a dilemma. Should he scatter his father's ashes over the grounds of a summer camp, as requested? Or should he remain at home and try to keep his fragile relationship with his ex-wife alive while avoiding confrontations with the regrets of his childhood?

In the second novella, Spivak in Babylon, Leo Spivak, an ambitious 30-year-old copywriter at a large Chicago advertising agency, is about to get his big break. He's headed to Hollywood to participate for the first time in the filming of a television commercial and spend a week in Greta Garbo's old suite at a fabled hotel. The only problem is the subject of the commercial itself: a new feminine hygiene spray to be marketed to pre-adolescent girls.

In addition to these novellas, Little Men contains three stories, populated by an unsettling cast of characters.

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