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   from the issue of March 23, 2006

Ross to host appreciation night events March 23, April 13

For the first time in the nearly 33-year history of the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center, the theater in 2005 sold more student tickets than regular adult tickets.

In recognition of this milestone, the Ross and the University Program Council will host student appreciation nights at the Ross on March 23 and April 13.

"While we are exceedingly happy about that situation, we want to encourage even more students to see the fine films offered at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center," said Danny Ladely, director of the Ross.

On March 23, UNL students will be admitted to a screening of, "The White Countess," or "La Petite Jérusalem," for $1. The regular student admission is $6. For additional information, including show times, go online to or call 472-5353.

In addition, students can purchase a medium sized popcorn and 20-ounce bottle of soda for $1 each. Regular prices are $2.50 and $2, respectively.

UNL student NCards must be shown to receive reduced admission and concession prices.

Student appreciation at the Ross will continue April 13 with an advance screening of "American Dreamz." Starring Hugh Grant and Willem Dafoe, "American Dreamz," is a satire of politics and show business, examining the role of dreams and ambitions in American culture.

The screening is sponsored by the Ross and the University Program Council.

Admission to the screening is free. UNL students will again be able to purchase a medium popcorn and 20-ounce soda for $1.

Tickets must be picked up in advance at the Ross.



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