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   from the issue of February 28, 2008

  'Persepolis,' 'Starting Out in the Evening' open Feb. 29

Ross movies based on comic, novel

"Persepolis" and "Starting Out in the Evening" open Feb. 29 at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center.

Based on Marjane Satrapi's bestselling graphic novel, "Persepolis" tells the story of a spunky girl, Marjane, who surmounts countless obstacles to grow into a wise, young adult.

Marjane (voiced by Chiara Mastroianni) is an innocent 9-year-old living in Iran, surrounded by a loving but incredibly protective mother (Catherine Deneuve) and father (Simon Abkarian). She finds comfort in the carefree spirit of her loving grandmother (Danielle Darrieux), as well as music by artists as diverse as ABBA and Iron Maiden.

When Marjane's uncle is killed in the Iran/Iraq war, her parents send her to school in Austria, where she can study in safety. The only trouble is that her Middle Eastern appearance frightens people, giving her a harsh lesson in racial prejudice. Somehow, Marjane's fiery spirit doesn't succumb to any of the negativity. Eventually, she returns home to Iran to be closer with her family. But even though she settles into married life, the tyrannical pressures of Iranian society force her to abandon her country once again, sending her to France on another journey.

Satrapi teamed with underground comic book artist Vincent Paronnaud to co-direct "Persepolis." The movie was nominated for an Academy Award for best-animated feature film of the year.

"Starting Out in the Evening," based on a novel by Brian Morton, tells the story of an aging writer Leonard Schiller (Frank Langella) who feels as obsolete as the typewriter he is pounding away at.

Though he has four novels to his credit, Schiller has been working on his fifth for a decade. Enter Heather Wolfe (Lauren Ambrose), a grad student who plans to write her thesis on Schiller's work. She cajoles the reluctant man into helping her, and they begin a curious friendship. Meanwhile, Schiller's daughter Ariel (Lili Taylor) struggles not only with her elderly father, but also with her own desire to have children as she approaches 40. She also grapples with the decision of reconnecting with an ex-boyfriend (Adrian Lester).

"Starting Out in the Evening" is rated PG-13 and plays through March 6. "Persepolis," rated PG-13, plays through March 13.

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