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   from the issue of April 13, 2006

Films explore war motivations, repercussions play at the Ross


Films delving into modern day motivations for war and Nazi influences on a Jewish teen open April 14 at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center.

Based on Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertesz' novel, "Fateless" is an account of one Hungarian Jewish boy's experiences during the Holocaust and his journey to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of World War II.

One day, Gyuri Koves (Marcell Nagy) is a typical teenage boy, caught up in the daily dramas of adolescence. Then Nazi soldiers take over his native Budapest and begin imposing restrictions on the city's Jewish citizens, and his comfortable life changes profoundly.

Gyuri resents the restrictions, especially since he has never considered himself particularly Jewish. However, events force him to reconcile himself to this new daily reality.

His father is taken by the Nazis and Gyuri himself is deported to a series of distant concentration camps, where survival becomes a daily goal. Gyuri prevails and is liberated by American soldiers.

Still clad in his striped prison clothes, he returns to Budapest. Immediately, he senses the indifference of his neighbors to his experience. Former friends urge him to, "put the ordeal out of his mind," while a sympathetic intellectual keeps referring to the camps as, "the lowest circle of hell."

Gyuri can relate to neither cliché and is left to ponder the meaning of his experience alone.

In "Why We Fight," director Eugene Jarecki explores the military/industrial complex and the motivating forces that lead the United States to war. The film, rated PG-13, asks questions about the economic necessity of war.

Both "Fateless" and "Why We Fight" play at the Ross through April 27. For more information, including showtimes, go online to or call the Ross film information line at 472-5353.



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