Extension Web site outlines country of origin labeling law

Nov 20th, 2008 | By | Category: Campus News, November 20, 2008

A UNL Extension Web site explains the details of the Country of Origin Labeling law that went into effect Sept. 30.

The law requires labels identifying country of origin on certain foods, including meat, produce and nuts, when sold at particular retail establishments.

The Web site, http://cool.unl.edu, will help “anyone in the food system from farm to fork,” said Darrell Mark, UNL extension livestock marketing specialist.

“There’s still a lot of learning needed,” he said. “I hope this site accomplishes educating people on what they need to do for their own operation.”

The law will require livestock producers to document where their livestock was born, raised and processed. While the U.S. Department of Agriculture will not fully enforce terms of the law until April, “educational compliance” is being promoted now, Mark said.

The site includes a series of fact sheets, videos and other educational materials for livestock producers, meat processors, retailers, extension educators and consumers. Included are videos from Lloyd Day, administrator of the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service, as well as livestock professionals from Iowa State and Oklahoma State universities.

The site focuses primarily on meat but also contains some information about other commodities included under the law.

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