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   from the issue of August 17, 2006

Expect delays as students return to UNL

Back-to-campus time will again see thousands of students moving in to residence halls this week. Faculty, staff, visitors and Lincoln residents should be aware of minor traffic delays in the City Campus vicinity because of closing of lanes and some congestion from move-in traffic, in addition to changing traffic patterns from the ongoing Antelope Valley construction.

Because of continuing work on the Antelope Valley project spanning the Bob Devaney Sports Center area, Holdrege and Vine streets, UNL officials advise motorists that it may be wise to steer clear of campus through Aug. 19 as students move into residence halls in preparation for the Aug. 21 start of classes.

Lanes on 16th, 17th and Vine streets will be closed during move in.

Most students will be moving in to residence halls from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Aug. 17 and 18.

Students with rooms in the Courtyards and Village moved in Aug. 16.

Antelope Valley is a multi-phase flood-control project that will also change traffic in the area by adding 6.2 miles of new roadways and 12 new bridges. Eventually, a new east-west arterial will connect Ninth and 10th streets with 27th Street and an elevated overpass will connect the Devaney Center with Vine Street. Beginning Aug. 16, motorists traveling to campus from the north (from Cornhusker Highway at 14th Street) will access the new Antelope Valley Parkway, which bridges 14th and Cornhusker across the railroad tracks and Holdrege Street.



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