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   from the issue of August 17, 2006

UNL bus routes trimmed, garage-only route added

Construction, rider opinions and parking improvements have prompted Parking and Transit Services to update City Campus bus routes.

Using information from a rider survey, Parking and Transit Services trimmed the 19th/23rd Street route, created a route that links UNL's three parking garages and redirected all City Campus routes around potential traffic snarls where the Antelope Valley "Big X" transitions to 17th Street (near the northeast corner of Nebraska Hall).

According to Dan Carpenter, director of Parking Services, the changes are designed to trim travel time and increase ridership.

"We completed a survey and found that the length of travel time was where most bus riders were fed up," Carpenter said. "Our bus service remains a critical part of the commute for the campus community. So, to better serve our users and attract new ones, we've made these changes to cut travel time."

The survey was driven by a steady decline of users since the 2003-2004 term. Carpenter said campus bus routes carried approximately 450,000 riders in 2003-2004. In the 2005-2006 term, total riders dipped to just over 250,000.

While ride-related frustration has played a part in that decline, Carpenter said parking improvements have cut into the number of bus users.

"A lot of that decline has to do with people finding parking in our garages," Carpenter said.

In previous years, the 19th/23rd Streets route has shuttled commuters from parking garages to drop off points across campus. However, the inclusion of the Stadium Drive and 14th and Avery parking garages on the west and north edges of campus led to an increase in travel time on a route designed to transport commuters from the eastern and southern edges of campus.

By trimming garages from the 19th/23rd Streets route, Carpenter said an average of 10 minutes has been saved for commuters.

All three routes average 10 to 15 minutes per circuit around campus.

Parking and Transit Services has also started using vans on the Garage and Perimeter routes during non-peak periods. Carpenter said the change saves almost $1,000 per month in fuel.

Carpenter said there are no changes to the StarTran bus service that links City and East campuses.

Printable maps of the 19th/23rd Streets, Perimeter and Garage bus routes are available online at http// According to the Parking and Transit Services Web page, campus bus route operating hours during the school year are Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

For additional information, go online to or call 472-1800.



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