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   from the issue of September 6, 2007

Vice chancellor issues alert on possible e-mail threats, campus procedures

Christine Jackson, vice chancellor for Business and Finance, issued this Aug. 28 e-mail concerning bomb threats received by other universities and the need for faculty and staff to be aware of UNL bomb threat procedures.

In the last few days several major universities around the country have received bomb threats by e-mail. The e-mail notices were received by university employees. In some cases the e-mails cited specific departments or buildings on that university's campus that contained the explosives; however no explosives have been found to date.

We do not know whether UNL will receive an e-mailed bomb threat or not, but we want to alert everyone to the possibility that someone at UNL may receive a similar e-mail. If you or someone in your department receive an e-mailed threat, we ask that you not delete it. If there are attachments in the e-mail, do not open them. As with any bomb threat, notify University Police immediately at 472-3555.

In addition, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the university's Bomb Threat Procedure found on page 6 (orange pages) of your campus telephone directory. The most important investigative tool to report bomb threats is to be able to trace the threat to the caller. Before reporting bomb threats received by phone to the UNL Police, please dial *57 and follow the prompts to activate a trace of the call. Then call University Police.

If you have any questions, please contact UNL Police.

Christine Jackson, Vice Chancellor, Business and Finance



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