Ferraro releases frog calls of Nebraska CD

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Anyone who claims that humans invented music hasn’t heard “Frog Calls of Nebraska,” a CD compiled by UNL herpetologist Dennis Ferraro. Each of the 11 musical tracks – one for each species native to Nebraska – has rhythm, melody and meaning.Dennis Ferraro

Among frogs, all the vocalists are male. Females don’t have the ability to produce sound, explained Ferraro, a UNL Extension educator on faculty in the School of Natural Resources. The lyrics, like much of our own pop music, are all about finding a mate. The simple bass line translates to, “I’m here in my territory,” while the more elaborate, higher-pitched melody is, “Come over ASAP!”

The CD is $10 at Nebraska Maps and More, on the ground floor of Hardin Hall, and on the Web at http://nebraskamaps.unl.edu. Maps and More will donate copies of the CD to libraries and nature centers around the state.

A sample is available at http://snrs.unl.edu/.

Most of the recordings are 1 1/2 to 2 minutes long, and they tend to be performed by smaller groups. The distinctions Ferraro wants people to hear were lost in larger groups.

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