Colonial Revival quilts featured at IQSCM

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Long before Pinterest or Martha Stewart, the do it yourself culture thrived in the United States. The International Quilt Study Center and Museum’s newest exhibition, “Perfecting the Past: Colonial Revival Quilts,” explores a movement from 1880-1940, when Americans looked to antique objects for inspiration and used patterns from newspapers to make goods inspired by the past.

The exhibition is on display through Sept. 1.

“The Colonial Revival reflected Americans’ unsettled feelings about changing social, economic and cultural conditions,” said Jonathan Gregory, assistant curator of exhibitions. “One way Americans dealt with the changes was looking to the past. They developed nostalgia for the time before industrialization and the Civil War and borrowed from its architecture, interiors and hand-crafts.”

The exhibition features quilts and other domestic artifacts, such as flatware and porcelain tableware, representative of the movement.

Lectures and public programming will be held in conjunction with the exhibition during its run. For more information, go to and click on “Calendar” to view upcoming events.

— Laura Chapman, International Quilt Study Center and Museum

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